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Atlas Gel Tape

Atlas Gel Tape

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    Cut to ANY length you need!
         Atlas Gel Tape’s unique size means you can measure out and cut lengths of tape to suit your every need. You can safely secure pictures, posters, cables, smart phones, tablets, and more!  Also use it on floors to keep rugs or furniture from moving around. With Atlas Gel Tape, you can stick almost any item to any surface!
    Removes easily with NO damage to walls and other surfaces! 
         Once finished its job,  Atlas Gel Tape is easily removable, washable and reusable! We recommend washing it each time you remove it from a surface to make it stick like new! To remove, simply take one corner and pull away lightly with steady force. This will remove the pad from the wall with no damage! To wash, just run it under warm water and lightly massage the dirt and grime off. Once done, leave it to air dry over the tap or drying rack.


    Tale of The Tape

    • ⭐Atlas Gel Tape is a 5 Meter / 16.5 Foot roll of gel pad grip tape 
    • ⭐Easily cut to any size! The best gel pad solution on the market! 
    • ⭐Easily removable and will not damage your walls or surfaces! 
    • ⭐Washable and Infinitely reusable! 

      The Power of Atlas

      • ⭐With a width of 3cm (1.2 Inch) and the ability to be cut to any length, Atlas Gel Tape is perfect for any job! 
      • ⭐Can hold items up to 10 KG (22 LBS) on smooth surfaces 
      • ⭐With a 3mm (0.12 Inch) deep core, Atlas Gel Tape will stick to almost any smooth, clean and non-porous surface and stay there! 
      • ⭐Will work in perfectly in a temperature range from -16C (0F) or above 62C (150F) 
      • ⭐Non-Toxic, Recyclable and Eco-Friendly - Atlas Gel Tape is safe and non-toxic and when you're done with it, it can easily be recycled